Leaking Filter


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Jun 18, 2019
concord, california 94521
I have a Sta Rite System 3 Filter that leaks when the solar comes on (and does not leak when the solar is off). The leak comes from under two adjacent clamps that hold the top and bottom of the housing. It seems to be seated correctly and the O ring is in good shape and is lubricated. Not sure what else to do.

Thanks, John


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey John !! I always got many more turns on the knobs, first by going in a repeating star pattern, and then by smacking the clamp on either side of the knob with my palm. A mallot would have worked awesome too but the garage was waaaaaaaay over *there*

I don't think I ever got to a point that I couldn't turn them anymore, everytime you get one tighter the 2 next to it get a hair looser. I just always gave up at some point that it was plenty tight enough.
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