Leaking around window


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Jul 2, 2019
Sioux City Iowa
I bought my pool last summer & had no problems. It started leaking around one of the windows last week. We used the locktight marine grade sealant inside & outside around the window. There was still a leak & now a couple inch rip in the liner next to the window. Drained below window, used two more tubes of the locktight, let it cure 24 hours, filled pool up again. Got up this morning & it did not hold....water is gushing out again. Has anyone had luck fixing this with something else?


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Aug 6, 2011
Virginia Beach
Coleman/Bestway pool, I presume? Call the manufacturer, they'll most likely warranty it. I called mine in this evening. Even without the receipt, they're shipping me a new liner. I just uploaded a photo of the leak and a photo of the serial number next to the drain, they said to just narrow down the date as best I could. I took a screenshot of my Facebook post last year where I was setting it up and submitted that for a receipt.


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