Leak pvc joint


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Sep 2, 2011
Fairfax, VA
I have a leak. I was loosing water and had a pool company pressure test my lines. They made some repairs near the skimmers. A few days later, I noticed a new above ground leak where the main return line connects to the Polaris plumbing. At first it was a tiny drop every few seconds and now it is a constant dribble. I want to try tightening the connection with a wrench to eliminate the leak, but don't want to twist it the wrong way. I can't seem to find this exact fitting online to see which way it turns. Thanks!

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Sep 4, 2016
Maybe just an optical illusion in your pic, but that gasket sure looks like its compressed on one side and fatter on the other. If so, its possible that fitting is either broken or cross threaded. Id personally wrench is out and take a good look at it and the threads before just giving it another turn.