leak in wall


Jun 9, 2010
I have a leak in both of the wall areas where the wall valves are, on my above ground pool. (18x48 intex) It is leaking around where they are connected in the vinyl part of the pool. I thought about just running a bead of silicone around the fittings that go into the liner but figured that would only work for a short time since these things hang from the wall. ughhhh..... I have a piece of pool liner and I wanted to take the fittings out and patch it on both sides to fix the leaks and then just put the flex hose with a clamp and not hang those valves on there. I know I have seen where someone on here took their valves off the walls and put them close to the pump itself with some PVC pipe but I am not finding it now. I have searched and searched. I don't know if I am calling them the wrong names or what. I would really like to put those shut off valves close to the ground by the pump but don't know what fittings I would need to do this. The connections I have are 1 1/2".
Anyway can someone point me in the right direction of some pics so I can see how they fixed theirs? THANX!!!!


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Jul 10, 2009
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Here is a thread that show the valves just at the pump and filter. The valve is a combo valve and union that the installer put in. You may need to go to a pool supplier to find one like that.
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