Leak from center of PureLine Prime pump


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Aug 20, 2019
Houston, TX
To add to the other laundry list of issues I've had with this thing, it now leaks! Its a PureLine Prime VS 2.7

It leaks right around the center, water seems to be coming out right where the motor meets the rest of the pump. It seems to be at the Seal Plate, but I'm unsure as there are other gaskets around that area. I tightened the bolts that secure it in there as they were not tight at all, and that did not help

Before I end up buying a bunch of parts I don't need, does anyone have any recommendations on which part could be failing? Hopefully not a silly question. I figured I'd post here incase there is a common failure of a part that I don't know about

I found the schematic here - PureLine Prime Pump - PL26 Series Parts - INYOPools.com

The 3 I have my eye on is
  • Seal Plate PL2657
  • seal assembly PL2655
  • housing gasket PL2656

Any suggestions welcome!


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Jul 3, 2013
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Call inyo and get your pump rebuild kit and get the Salt or SCS seal as they are better seals and last longer :)


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