leak detection


May 17, 2015
I kinda figured it was a leak last year,with all the extra water(and salt) I had to add..I just wasn't sure from where because of some minor plumbing leaks from going to PVC and or because we added steps without any protection underneath them(and they seemed to moved around).
I was late in closing it up and never got around to finding if it was a liner leak or plumbing.Now it's time to open and I notice that my water level is about a foot below where I drained below skimmer/return before covering for the winter.This makes me think that its liner related..I'm just wondering that since there's still water in pool if my leak could be on wall or maybe the level is low enough that it's stopped if on floor.The cover is still on,but I can see inside that the water is clear/clean from shutdown...Cover is coming off this weekend weather permitting..Do I need to add water to try and locate leak?if so how much?


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May 18, 2013
Long Island NY
I would first look all around where the water line level is now. The leak may be there and that's where the water stopped.
If the water keeps falling then it's somewhere else.