leak between skimmer and pump


Aug 2, 2014
VA Beach VA
When I run my pump, water leaks out between the skimmer and the pump (only a few feet from the skimmer) I discovered it when I was mowing my yard and noticed the water puddled around the deck- then realized I was adding in quite a bit more water than normal. It doesn't leak when I'm not running the pump. I've seen the add for fix a leak but before I try it, I wanted to get suggestions. There's a hole where the water is leaking- I'm going to dig further when the rain stops to investigate.

Help! What suggestions do you have?


Older 27,000 gallons plaster in ground with Hayward Sand Filter.


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TFP Guide
Nov 12, 2017
Central California
Keep diggin'! I've pointed others here to a no-dig solution, but the consensus at TFP seems to be: dig it up and do it right (find the leak, replace the faulty pipe or joint). If you can dig without disturbing a concrete deck, which would be costly to replace or patch, then I think you should try to find the hole.