Leaf traps


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Dec 19, 2007
Murrieta, CA
Tightwatt is a relatively new controller out of Arizona. Their big thing is that their timer seasonally adjusts throughout the year to save money. The theory is that you don't go out and change your hours every three months so it does it for you. A great idea but after installing a few and putting it up against the Intermatic equivalent, there are too many reasons to not buy it from my standpoint.

1. The lugs for the wires are too small and you cannot get multiple wires under them.

2. You cannot simply install it and tell the owner it will run at such and such time. The seasonal adjust is not going to tell you exactly what's going on without a chart that they don't give you with the product.

3. The on and off is not a simple one button push like the Intermatic. It's a multiple push.

4. They are not clear on installation of the 2 speed version. You need to know how to read an electric diagram or you're out of luck.

Great idea, but not practical and they say they are going to work on some changes in the next run but that is a bit too late for me after convincing me it was the next greatest thing and then having it not deliver in the user friendly arena.

Intermatic is a single pole break on a 240V circuit which is an issue in itself but it is a better product. It also comes with a nice operators guide that attached in the box so all can read it if needed.

Keep in mind, both products claim a simple pop in/out of a standard Intermatic box but out it is a bit more complicated. It does require some prying. The Intermatic does pop out a bit easier than the Tightwatt.

Both are about the same cost.


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May 26, 2007
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Can you use these leaf traps for manual cleaning? I'm getting ready for the leaves dropping off my trees in the next couple weeks and will have tons of leaves to deal with.

I'd love to manually vacuum them into such a canister if it will work. Also what is the biggest one out there? I can get a couple bushels of leaves in a single day.