Leaf stains in new concrete deck - will patience, time and sun fix???


Oct 19, 2020
Newly installed vinyl liner inground pool. Concrete pool deck poured a month ago. Many mature trees on property. I have been doing all I can to keep concrete clean until closing for winter. Yesterday PB came to replace damaged liner (nightmare install story) after rainy morning and since it’s Fall, many leaves were actively falling as they worked during day. They tracked mud and debris and dead leaves with their boots and concrete deck was a disaster. Took me two hours to clean which I want to do before they close and install winter cover tomorrow. There are now after their work, leaf stains everywhere!!My question: will summer sun next year simply bleach them out or is deck now just stained forever?

*they also damaged concrete with equipment when pumping out water. The tire marks in second pic are engraved in concrete. So discouraged.


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