lazy river pool question


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Jun 10, 2008
I am interested in building a small lazy river to be designed with my future pool. I can't find much out there on lazy river pools. I do know that they have to be at least 5' wide and 2'6" deep for comfort, but I don't know how much (shotcrete/rebar) reinforcement is needed so it won't crack. I also don't know how many jets-per-length I would need to maintain flow. The pool design would be a simple rectange(pool) with a smashed circle(lazy river) connected to the top.
If anyone could point me in the correct direction, it would be most appreciated.



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Apr 22, 2008
Central Texas
I agree with JohnT. You have to move a LOT of water to make a lazy river work properly. Seems to me that anytime it was on that the disc in the electric meter would be spinning like a top. :( Unless you want a really slow lazy river. :wink: