Latest levels. Any advice?


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Sep 13, 2015
Rome, NY
We haven't taken the cover off, don't want the sun beating down on that (hopefully) clear water.
Just wondering if any changes in the data below is "normal" or my error.

Closing, 10/15/16
pH 7.5
FC 9.5 / 14 after adding 363 oz of bleach. Also added 32oz of Polyquat
CC 0.0
TA 40
CYA 50-60

pH 7.2-7.5
FC 7.0
CC 0.0
TA 90

4/15/17 (pumped a few inches of water from the cover into the pool since so much drained out...assuming that is what caused the numbers below)
pH 7.3
FC 5.0
CC 0.5
TA 80
CYA 35-40
CH 225

Not nervous about the FC but will need to get the plumbing on soon and top off the pool so i can circulate and get it up to FC of 7.

Nice sunny day today, just looking for any thoughts and looking towards to an awesome season thanks to you all!