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May 29, 2012
Well I am in the process of doing a shock on my pool to get rid of the algae issue.

I also took apart my multiport valve today and was able to (at least for this season) fix the issue with it leaking to waste when on filter and especially on recirculate. I was able to remove the sand which had embedded itself in the gasket sealing the different sections of the valve. I cleaned them up really well and used a little gasket sealant to fix some pitted sections. Regardless, the darn thing works like a charm now with no waste.

I am now looking at possibly buying an aerator waterfall attachment for my return (for the kids to play in and to help me in the process of lowering my total alkalinity which is really outrageous at 120+). I believe aeration is the only way to raise my Ph without upping the TA even more.

Also, thinking of adding a little D.E. to my sand filter per the article in Pool School. However, some sites on the net say it will utterly destroy the filter (which I doubt if doing it according to the article), but I wanted to get the opinion of you guys. Thanks for any info.
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