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Aug 8, 2019
Winston Ga
Hi! I've had the pool math app on my phone for 2 years. I was a bit intimidated. A lot intimidated actually. This year, since I updated from my intex pool, to a "real" AGP (see, I've even learned some of the lingo), and seeing that we're going way overboard on our deck, I decided it was time to dive in (no pun intended, well... Maybe a little). "Come **** or high water, this pool is staying clear!"

I was overwhelmed with ordering a true DCS-IAP ? test kit. So I would continue to use my Walmart test strips until.... I neglected to add any liquid chlorine for about 9 days, maybe 2 weeks, who knows? But.... When the pool got cloudy, I didn't know what to do, so... I just added more bleach and did some research. I finally ordered the T100a, or whatever it's called, and grabbed some extra bleach. Not enough, of course. Bc I waited until it got green. (Why'd I wait? Don't ask, I suck.) So... I knew that I needed to know my CYA level, to know where to keep my FC during a SLAM. So... Since my new chemistry set hadn't arrived yet, I used my ol "trusty" stips. The CYA was low. Less than 10. So I added 4 lbs of the c acid to raise it to 40ppm. So.... I did. In socks of course, me and the acid. Well... Fancy Tester arrived. CYA was 90. Ugh. That was when I expressed my frustrations on this forum. And of course, people responded and we're extremely friendly and helpful. So, yes, I drained my pool, at least 1/2. Filled her back up. CYA 55 (which I was told to round up). So, since Sunday, 3 whole days (1 whole week after it turned green), I've been SLAMing. And wouldn't you know it, my pool is a beautiful shade of blue-green. I could even see the vacuum head at the bottom of the pool. It made me so happy! Not only because it's working, but to prove to my family and friends, who think I'm crazy for being so anal about it, that it is working! They just add a little bit of this, a scoop of that. "This isn't cooking Linda, it's science!!"

I say all of that, just to add, I'm so grateful for the group. You guys are amazing. And for the top responders, thank you. I'm sure you get tired of us boneheads, making the same mistakes. But you continue to communicate and help us out. Without you guys, we would all be lacking the knowledge you bring.

I've earned the new nickname of Mad Scientist. And I'm good with that.
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