Late-in-life 1st time pool owner in Sacramento area


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Apr 1, 2020
Carmichael, CA
As indicated, this is my first pool ownership after avoiding them for many years. It gets very hot here (97 today), so this is the place and time to have a pool. We recently purchased this house, and the 12-14 year old pool came with it. Mine is a kidney-shape, 450 sq. ft. (app. 18K gal.) with pebble tech finish. We have several trees that contribute lots of organic matter. Just installed new equipment: StaRite S8M150 filter, Polaris 280 sweeper, and a solar heating system on my roof. I intend to take care of the pool and am learning the ropes. I have also acquired the Taylor K-2006 test kit, and seem to have established balance for now.


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Welcome. You have found the absolute best place to learn how to care for your pool. There is so much information in here it is amazing. So many good folks here with years of experience in all things pool related and they are willing to help others. Notice no pesky advertisements either. I am south of you and yes the summers are hot but a clean pool makes summer life a great experience. Enjoy. :cheers:


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Oct 25, 2015
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Welcome to TFP and yes this is a great time to have a pool! Over on the S Atlantic coast we run year round and swim several times per week almost always. I found this site 6 years ago after we stopped traveling so I took over the pool. Semi-retired I figured I could do it myself. TFP methods are quite different from pool store and most pool services. They're based on sound science and designed so anybody can do it. And it's dirt cheap. Good for retiree's. My pool's been sparkling clean with chemicals from big box stores since day 1 when I took over with help from @kimkats and a few other experts that are still here. Please do add the information in your signature in case you need any advice along the way. It' gets help quicker since they don't have to ask you a bunch of basic questions. Here's how. Also, please post a copy of your test results when you get a chance. It's always nice to have a "cold pair of eyes" of an expert have a look.

Again, Welcome! And good luck!



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Jul 10, 2012
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Hi and Welcome! So nice to see you already have a good test kit! That is a huge first step! :hug:

So many have come here looking for help and stayed to help others like like @setsailsoon :hug: to Chris for all he does!!! There is also @Oly who also helps out so much! :hug: