Las Vegas Family starting an OB soon

Oct 11, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
Hi all, we're doing our backyard and pool in the Northwest very soon.

(pool specs attached, these are very early but this is the size we want)

I'm working with a GC who is consulting me and doing my drawings, but I'll basically be project managing everything and talking to the subs myself. I hope I know what I'm getting into!

Goal: Get the backyard experience my family needs so we can truly enjoy our home, and so my two sons grow up with a place their friends want to be. We often leave the house just because we want to be outside and would rather just have our own place to be outside at home.

Secondary goals: Make smart decisions as we fill out what is an above average sized yard for Las Vegas. Not bother our neighbors with messy / inconsiderate subs, or a project that takes forever. I don't want to be that guy whose sub ditched him and is sitting there with a hole and mess and no pool and upset HOA and neighbors.

Steps taken already: Spoken with a professional GC who has been working in Las Vegas for many years and has many sub contacts, and who will sell my all of my pump and equipment at cost. Produced an initial pool design CAD with them, laying out our primary features of the pool and its location in the yard. Figured out a plan for financing by getting some equity from our home without totally depleting it. Received initial bids from all pool subs except the rebar / reinforced concrete sub as I still need to complete structural engineering drawings.

Spent so far: $800 in consultation and drawings fees.

Risk factors right now: I'm creative, and a software engineer, but know little to nothing about construction. I can do basic home maintenance, but I paid a handyman to replace a damaged door casing (frame around the door) and paint it rather than attempt myself.

Unknowns right now: Still a few things outstanding before I know pool cost, and don't have landscape / electrical plan so don't know what the rest of the yard will cost. Also don't know exactly how much equity I can get out as I'm trying to get my credit score a bit higher before going through that process.

- StranskyFamily


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Jul 21, 2013
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Instead of the old Easy Touch System with Screen logic look at the new IntelliCenter System. There are a few threads about it here.

How do you intend to chlorinate your pool?
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Nov 19, 2018
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I don't think the gallons as stated on that sheet are correct. As I understand it, gallons are computed by Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons (average in your case I used 3.5 for depth it's probably higher than that by a bit). So you're close to 18000 gallons (16*43*3.5*7.5), not 12000 as stated. It's rather important that you know the gallons of your pool for chemical additions, etc. My PB stated my gallons to be ~15k, it's more like 20k. Baffles my mind that the software can't get the gallons of a pool correct.
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