Large bubble in liner floor


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Sep 1, 2019
Installed new pool last season (see signature). Liner install was perfect (no wrinkles/bubbles). Used all summer and closed it.

When I opened in the spring, noticed some wrinkles on floor of shallow end only. Shallow end is ~3ft and deep end is ~6ft. Suggests the liner floated at some point in the winter.

Then a few weeks after opening I noticed a large bubble forming at the center of shallow end, where the wrinkles were. We had some rain over the last couple weeks but has been dry several days now. Bubble has not gone down at all. I can moved it around with my feet, but it will reappear. Hard to tell if air or water under it, but I assume water.

Any suggestions on how to address it? I don't have standing water anywhere near by pool, but there are several seepage pits in the backyard for my patio/roof gutters, so i'm wondering if they are keeping the water table high? Also it is possible water is getting under the lip of the coping when it rains, and then going behind the liner?


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Your first guess is probably correct. Is the pool down slope from the seepage pits? You may need to add a drain to divert water away from the pool, or add a well point to pump ground water away.

You can also ask a landscape designer to look at your yard and determine the best way to move water away from the pool. Once the drainage problem is solved, you can look into getting the liner re-set to remove the bubble and wrinkles.
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