Landscaping (plant installation) before or after pebble finish?


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Feb 3, 2011
Brentwood, CA
Looking for feedback on plant installation timing

Originally all LS work was going to be done and then hand the yard back over to my PB for pebble finish etc.

However...stuff happened and we didn't have things ready for concrete pour in time. My LS schedule is now being reshuffled

I am looking at options to get back on track

One option that was suggested was putting off the installation of the plants until after the pebble finish was completed.

There will be plants and drip irrigation work basically next to the pool. Have a weeping wall of rock that will have cannas immediately behind. Also have some planter areas

Is the digging and trenching related to plants/drip installation something I should be worried about? Could it be done while we wait for the chemicals to balance or should it be delayed until well after for best results?


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May 2, 2019
Palo Cedro, CA
we are just waiting for plaster and I am having our grass installed this week so we don't have a bunch of dirt flying/tracking in the brand new pool. We are waiting to plant everything else until the fall.
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