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So I'm in central florida. Looking for some nice colorful PERENIAL plants or small trees that would look nice around the pool area/ backyard that don't grow too big. And also fairly easy to maintain. Thanks!


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May 23, 2015
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I always suggest people call local plant nurseries for tips. The ones around me will actually send someone out (for a small fee) to sketch out the area in question and do the design work of what will plant best. They will then take the design fee off your purchase price if you buy from them and they will even plant the bigger items for you at no charge. Pay a little extra and they even run your irrigation lines over to the new plants. Often times it's A LOT cheaper than hiring a landscape designer or breaking your back doing it yourself. On the plus side, nurseries typically sell higher grade plants than local supermarkets or hardware stores and they often know what plants grow the best in your local area. Using non-native plant species often means more work to keep them alive and growing.

Just a tip ...

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Jan 9, 2017
I'm in central Fl too. I don't know of too many colorful plants that won't grow to0 big, but here's what I have (easy to maintain and hardy);

In ground:
Dwarf Nandina Domestica Firepower (a.k.a. Heavenly Bamboo)
Bottle Brush a couple along the outside of pool fence
four Queen Palms inside pool fence in corners and outside fence in corners (they're pain to prune off the dead fronds - but only need attention once a year).
Bougainvillea on fence
In planters:
a couple of Sago palms
two Bottle Palms
groupings of Crotons in two 16x36 concrete planters positioned above pool water falls on each side of spa (these are colorful and very hardy)

Then my wife plant annuals for color around the base of those palms in pots and few other pots on the patio.
Also check with "Lukus Nursey" in Oviedo if your in that area. There expensive but have really knowledgeable staff. Even if you don;t buy form them you can still get some good ideas.