Ladders and steps


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Feb 28, 2021
Virginia Beach, VA
I'm looking around at AGP steps online, and most of them seem quite shallow from front to back (like each step would still only be deep enough to accommodate half your foot). I was thinking of steps that could also serve as a place to sit in the water (I originally wanted a whole bump-out in-wall step system, but that dream died along with my semi-inground install). Are the "wedding cake steps" my only real option for that?

Also, any recommendations of relatively inexpensive A-frame ladders? We will be having a deck built for pool entry, but not until maybe a month or two after the pool is installed, so we will need a ladder initially until the deck goes in. I've been keeping an eye on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp for local resale, but I haven't found any that will work with our 54" wall height.

And then I was thinking maybe I should get an A-frame set of ladder on the outside, steps on the inside so I could just remove the outer part once the deck is built, and then I'd already have the steps, but I'm not sure they're really made that way.

I need a local showroom where I can go look at and touch all the 8,000 options I view online :p


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Jan 17, 2012
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Not a ladder (sorry!) but I've seen a couple of folks here who have made PVC platforms that allowed tots to stand or sit in the pool. Is that something you could do?

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