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Jun 3, 2008
Marana, AZ
My pool has the wierdest ladder I ever heard of for an above ground pool. Namely, the inside ladder doesn't go all the way to the bottom! To add to the problem, since it's a soft side pool, the ladder is not connected to the top rail; it just rests there. The only way the ladder is actually connected to the pool is it's screwed onto the bottom rail of the pool on the outside, all the way at the ground. Needless to say, it's an unstable set up. Since it's the ladder that comes with the pool, I would say it's really a poor design. We're wanting to build a deck, but probably won't be until next year. Anybody have any stabilizing ideas? You can see the ladder and the pool set up here. Look at Splash pool user's guide. I would post pics, but haven't figured that one out yet. :)


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Jun 2, 2008
SW Indiana
You could try contacting the dealer you bought it from, asking what others have done. I know a set of steps like this: ... 00/I/28551
wouldn't work w/o a deck for upper support. But an A frame ladder like this sould:
Either way, a pad under will probably help the liner last.
A low budget approach would be to try to extend the inside ladder to reach the bottom of the pool, or make the pool shallower with a support structure to distribute the load onto, like a small PVC patio table turned upside down with some concrete blocks stacked up on it until it is high enough to limit the downward deflection of the ladder!
The manual says that ladder can support 350 pounds!?
Good Luck!!