Ladder attachment issues

I cannot figure out how to reattach my ladder. It was bolted down but even with a huge washer it didn't work out. The problem is that the places in the ladder for bolting it down are right above the side of the pool. I thought about a small form of decking, but have no way to stabilize it over the pool edge. Any ideas? I just replaced my liner again and don't want it torn. Help!


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Jun 22, 2011
Every confer style (plastic A frame) ladder that I've seen installed has had the main deck at the top of the ladder installed where your's is missing. I believe there is also a deck mount kit available for the A frame's which make things a lot easier. Try searching for your model online and see if one is available.

Hope that helps
We bought the pool new, and this is the ladder that came with it. It has not been altered in any way. I will have to look for the model number harder. I haven't found it on there as of yet.


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Jul 21, 2010
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I have the same ladder and I am looking to convert my ladder to work the way you have it. I am currently using it as an A-Frame ladder and I am going to convert it to a deck ladder. When used as an a-Frame, this ladder has a plastic platform between the two side handles, a ladder that attaches to the platform and two legs with a footing. Here is the owners manual I found a LINK to.

I went and talked with the LPS that sold it to me and asked what I needed to do to convert it. She said, if the deck is lower than the edge of the pool, you need to build up the deck to the bottom of the handles and then mount them to the deck using the holes provided. I am going to use the largest washer I can get in the hole.

As for your situation, does the ladder fit in the pool without rubbing on the side wall and do the existing bolts line up with the slot/hole? (see page 8 in the link)
Do you have any ballast in the solid section at the bottom of the last step. My ladder wanted to float too much without bricks inside. (see step 1 in the linked file).

Looking at your photo

IMG_20120602_153023 by dagdouglas, on Flickr, I am going to do something similar but have it support the entire handle section.