Laars Lite 2 LD Pool Heater


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Jul 31, 2021
Hi Team,
I'm new to this forum and need a little assistance with the heater.

I've been plagued with an issue where the Heater doesn't always kick on when the Time Clock power switch is trigger and filter turns on.

I already replaced the Ignitor, Ignitor starter controller, and Pressure switch.

Once thing I did notice is I had to rewire the Ignition control because the New Laars/Jandy R0408100 was a replacement for the original. What happens is when switch power off and on to the heater, the "Air Flow" warning light flickers on the ignitor controller. Unit doesn't always start until I get it to not Flicker by toggling the power switch on the heater. Then it lights with no problem. Again this might not be related, but not sure.

So either the unit is not kicking on as expected when power is restored over night. or the unit shuts off when it reaches temperature after shutting off and doesn't turn back on again.

Not sure where to go with this, don't want to start replacing to many things without knowing where to target. I am handy with voltmeter so if someone can point on what to check.

Much thanks.


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Jul 31, 2021
San Diego
So a few things to unravel here, you said time clock so I’m guessing you have an Intermatic timer, and maybe a Intermatic fireman switch? It sounds like the heater is hooked up to the load side of the timer. So when the power is interrupted by shutting it off the blower stops but the board can still read there isn’t proper airflow for a few seconds. What does it say when you turn it back on and it doesn’t fire?
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