Kreepy Krauly Landshark or G3?


Sep 19, 2010
We can get either of these for just over 200 bucks, after rebate. Our pool is 15ft at the shallow end, 11 wide at the deep (5.5ft) end, 27 feet long. I guess that puts us on the average size, haven't figured out the volume yet.

Any input on which of these is better? I've tried searching the forum and haven't found a lot on these 2 specific brand/models. I did read, however, that the vacuum shouldn't be used for 30 days, is that correct? FTR, we have a dedicated vacuum line, so we want a suction cleaner vs. pressure cleaner.


New member
Oct 23, 2010
Hey there,
Honestly, neither. But if these are the only two you're looking in to, I would go with the G3. Both are pretty similar. If you really want a great cleaner, but will cost a bit more. Consider looking at the new Hayward Navigators. ( Hayward has a $50.00 rebate right now ) The navigator is possibly the most popular cleaner out there for in ground concrete,, ect. pools. They do have alot of replacement parts but in return the actual cleaner itself can last up to 15 years. The style of the G3 and Kreepy are about the same. They " Click Click Click " when they're in the pool. The diaphragm is costly ( the most frequent replacement part ) and sometimes stores will have to " order " parts for the G3 or Kreepy when MOST stores always stock navigator parts. But it's totally up to you, take care!