Kreepy Krauly Great White Problem


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Aug 9, 2013
Pompano Beach/ Florida
Hello all-

I have a Kreepy Krauly Great White that has developed a problem. Only recently it will make its way up the wall almost to the waterline and get stuck in one place. It will stay in the same place indefinitely unless I move it. If I knock it off the wall it will cruise around again, but eventually will make it back to the waterline and stop. It also gets stuck if it hits the steps head on. I have have already taken it apart and adjusted the metal tab so that it makes better contact with the gear it rests on.

What is the next step to solve this?

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Oct 5, 2007
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Make sure that the gearing inside the unit turns when the flapper goes back a forth. You will have to take off the outside cover of the unit. Move the flapper back and forth several times and verify the the gears are turning. Another test with the unit assembled and runnig, in the pool pick it up (under water) and turn it over. Is the flapper going back a forth? If it is wait a few minutes and see if the movable inside brush goes up and down.

It is the movement of this brush which causes the GW to turn.