Kreepy crawly vs. rolling robots


Feb 25, 2008
I need to buy a pool cleaner. I have never had one and only read about the different types here on TFP. I will be traveling and working a lot this summer and want something easy and trouble free for the wife to operate. I can only do suction side as I don't believe I am plumbed for pressure side.
The pool is a small free form in ground concrete, with overhanging boulders, no ladders and has a long wall seat next to the entry steps. What would be a better type of cleaner, kreepy krawly type or wheeled like a polaris 340 atv? Thanks for the suggestions.


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Feb 25, 2008
Los Gatos, CA
I don't have experience with Kreepy Krawly. I have had a Polaris 280 (pressure with booster), a Hayward Navigator, and The Pool Cleaner.

The Hayward Navigator did not work at all in my pool. It wouldn't get to the shallow end no matter what I did. Went through all kinds of troubleshooting with Hayward and it just wouldn't work for me. The Pool Cleaner has been very trouble free for me and does not require too much flow to operate well. In the winter, I have to clear the throat of errant pine cones and such every now and then, but that is about it. Please note that for any of these, your skimmer action will be reduced while the cleaner line is drawing suction, so the pool might require more skimming. I don't know if any of these will clean your wall seat. Only the pressure side cleaner, when I had it, cleaned the steps. The wall seat will probably have to be brushed occasionally so the debris can be put on the floor of the pool for the cleaner, but the reduction in dust and silt in your pool from the regular operation of a good suction cleaner will make a big difference too.

No matter what you get, make sure to get a leaf canister for your vacuum line or your pump strainer basket will fill constantly.