Korky-style auto-fill valve questions


Mar 26, 2021

I would be grateful for your thoughts on the below. I did some searching of the forum, but I did not see these questions answered.

Recently, I replaced my Korky-style auto-fill valve. It seems to be working fine, but I do have the below questions.
  1. When filling, is water supposed to come out of the nipple at the top of the auto-fill valve? I assume yes. The reason I ask is I do not remember my old one doing that, but that is possibly because it was broken.
  2. Do people use the hose extension attached to the nipple? I assume that is only necessary if the water is spraying out of the covered hole where the fill valve lives and therefore needs to be directed, but I wanted to double check.
Many thanks!

Edit: Oops, sorry, I should have posted this in the equipment forums. I do not see a way to move or delete.


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Oct 2, 2016
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yes, water out of the nipple. I use my hose for that exact reason - it would splatter all over the place without it. But whatever works for you
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