KiaOra from New Zealand


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Mar 2, 2017
New Zealand
Hi all.
Early this summer we decided we would buy an above ground Intex swimming pool having watched our neighbours enjoying theirs all last summer.
It has proven to be one of the best things we have invested in but we have come to realise that maintaining a pool is complicated. So, having googled until all googled out, I came across this forum and have decided this is the place to be for all things pool.
Many thanks in advance for all the wisdom and help.


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Jan 18, 2015
Bunbury, WA, Australia
Welcome Pukeko to TFP.

You've come to a good place and we can help you get going. The best thing is that it's not that complicated and with some time and armed with a quality test kit you can take control of the water chemistry in your pool. This place Clearchoicelabs are one of the best and certainly the cheapest way of getting one of the recommended test kits and they ship to New Zealand.