Keeping Raccoons Away from my Pool


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Jun 8, 2014
Central Iowa
I have been waiting for a replacement liner and was told I needed to remove my deck boards for a replacement install. A couple of weeks ago I was given the heads up to remove the deck boards, so I had to remove my winter cover. To my horror, there were 6 dead raccoons in the pool and the critter removal people said they hadn't been dead more than 72 hours. It appears the cover split at a joint and they fell through. Before this, I was going to recycle the water into the new pool liner but after finding the dead animals and reading the CDC warnings, that became a moot point. Due to unforeseen delays, the pool has been uncovered for several weeks and the water level is around 2 ft below the deck. During that time I have found 2 live raccoons and 2 more dead ones in the pool. Today the pool liner replacement starts so I will be able to get the water level back up to where it should be starting tomorrow. It is obvious I have a raccoon problem and was wondering if a motion activated light/sprinklers, or something else has actually worked for any of you on keeping raccoons away from the pool?


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Jul 8, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
I haven't had much luck in the past keeping them out. Your problem is they are attracted to the water but they can't get out. Once your water level is up they will go out the stairs. I've seen muddy footprints near my stairs but I've never had to fish one out of the water.

If I don't see them during the day and they don't den in the barn I leave them alone. Raccoons out during the day may be sick so I check them out closely. If they appear okay I'll just run them off.

Do you have anyway to let them out? Can you put a long board down the steps? As I said they are attracted to the water. If you give them an out at least you won't have to deal with the drown ones.
Once you have everything back in place you probably won't have a problem.