Keeping pH at 7?


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Jun 13, 2018
My fill water has a pH of 7 and has a good amount of iron. I filter out some of the iron but it still gets in there. If I keep my pH at 7, the iron doesn't cause stains and the vinyl stays stain free and water is clear. Whenever I bring it up to say 7.4, or above the Iron in the water starts to stain. I can deal w/ the stains and I can also use poly-fill to filter out the iron....but iron comes back w/ new fills so I'm finding it easier to just keep the pH at 7. What if any issues could I have keeping water pH of 7? (vs 'ideal of 7.4)


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Jan 17, 2012
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Vinyl tends to get brittle with too low pH. I'm not sure that 7.0 qualifies as that though? I think I would try to aim for at least 7.2 pH .

Remember that the pH scale is logarithmic and not linear.

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