Keep trying to fix Digial Nano or replace with Hayward?


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May 24, 2018
St Augustine FL
Our Digital Nano SWG has been a lot of trouble. From time to time it will start complaining "Low amps. Cell?" and checking the readings shows either 0 Volts 0.2 Amps, or 32 volts 0.2 Amps. The correct reading would be 17v, 5A. Of course with the low amps, it is not producing Chlorine. Last year we replaced the original RC35 cell with a new PPC1, replaced the cable, and the pool store tech replaced what they call the "power supply board" in the control box. This board is actually most of the control box, just excluding the digital interface and control panel sub-boards. One year later it is acting up again.

No discoloration observed on any electrical parts, including inside the control box. The cell is clean. The cable plug on the end at the control box gets slightly warm, but with 85 Watts running through it, this is to be expected.

Right this minute it is working correctly. Pool FC=2.5 so I put the SWG into "boost" mode. Normally it is set at about 50% duty cycle.

The pump is an Intelliflow which runs at 1000 RPM 24 hours a day unless the solar heater wants to engage at which point the pump speeds up to 2300 RPM. I know that running less than 1000 RPM will not put enough flow through the SWG for it to stay on.

We are considering just ripping out the Nano and its somewhat Rube Goldberg plumbing and going with a Hayward which is simpler and has a better warranty. It is the intermittency of the failure that has me baffled.