Keep Nature 2 Chlorinating System if we use BBB?


Aug 10, 2010
Byron, Illinois
Our new 30' round (22,500 gallons) Radiant AG is just about full and we are almost ready to turn on the pump. I was reading through the Pool School and think I would like to
1) purchase a quality test kit
2) use BBB to balance the water

BUT... what do I do with the Nature 2 system? We have not installed the chlorine cartridge (good for one season for $100) that is supposed to allow us to keep our chlorine levels at .5ppm to 1.5 ppm instead of 1 -3. We also have not opened the chlorine tablets.

Can we just keep those compartments empty and use BBB (and other chemicals when needed) instead?


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May 9, 2008
Windsor, ON
I think ,most would tell you to leave the nature 2 out (could off load it on craigslist). You could probably use the tablets for the remainder of season since you're in Illinois and will likely close before CYA would be an issue. Of course that depends on if the tablets you have are stabilized or not (I'm guessing they are). Unless you have a TON of tabs, then it may be worthwhile to unload those as well and just jump right into BBB. Also, the tabs may be useful next season if you do any traveling....

TF testkit is a great tool! Mine went two seasons before needing re-fills this year. Hope that helps, and I'm sure someone else will correct any mis-information.


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Jul 10, 2009
Houston, Texas
Yes, keep the Nature 2 canister empty. Use a pool store to test the water until your test kit arrives. Post the results here and we can help you get the water balanced. If the tablets contain copper then do not use them!

Congratulations on the new pool!

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