KD Royalty Pool Use only Sodium Dichlor ?


Jun 30, 2010
Hello, Just got a new KD Royalty 16' round AG (used to be called Zodiac) Anyone familiar with it ?

Having some conflict between owners manual and pool dealer recommendations. For example, manual says to only use Sodium Dichlor Granular chlorine. Never use Tablet Chlorine (Trichlor) as damage to the specilized KD pool liner can occur and will not be covered under warranty. Guess what the pool dealer gave us with the pool---- that's right --3" Trichlor Tablets. He says put them in the skimmer. ( I read that is bad because the high concentration of chlorine, and very low ph of treated water slowly eats at the inside of the circulations system and causes premature failure of your pool pump and pool filter components.)
Dealer is also pushing EZ Pool, and I've heard quite a few negatives about it.

Anyone else have a KD Pool or any info on this ? Please help !

16' Round KD Royalty AG 48" high
Hayward powerfloLX 1 HP & Dreamline Sandfilter 25 gpm


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Apr 8, 2007
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The reasoning is correct, but that can go for both of them - undissolved/improperly circulated dichlor can also cause damages to equipment and liners. Frankly I wouldn't use either the powder or the pucks (except pucks for vacation) on a regular basis. They will both load your pool up with CYA if not used in controlled amounts and make the chlorine demand hard to control, resulting in extra work and money. You are better off going to Pool School and reading up on BBB methods - you will be doing yourself and your pool a favor.
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