KCl Soft Water


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Apr 3, 2017
I would like to use the household soft water to maintain my water level after I have achieved the desired CH for a pebble-tech pool. Are there any water chemistry (not price) advantages to using KCl instead of NaCl in the softener? I tried it a few years back, and stopped when the chrome ring around my light turned black. It cleaned up fine, but it scared me from continuing to use soft water with the leveler. I can't remember if I used KCl or NaCl at that time (I have used both).


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP,

No, not really because the KCl will end up behaving just like Salt anyway. Why do you think it was the soft water that discolored your light ring?

PS, Im curious about your diving pool. What kind of diving pool do you mean?