K-1000 Test Kit and SWG

Jul 21, 2020
Kansas city
Hello again!
I have 2 part question: Daily Test Kit, Bather load.
Daily Test Kit
I joined last year as a new pool owner bought the TF-100 and learned a ton when I had to do my first SLAM. Here I am 1 year later feeling more confident only to find out I should NOT have been using the K-1000 as my daily tester! I am now about to begin my 2nd SLAM in my second season :censored:. ugh! I would just prefer this K-1000 test kit be removed from TFTtestkits.net to avoid newbie mistakes such as mine. As another member put it, "k-1000 is only good for knowing if you have some chlorine". In searching through threads I've come to the conclusion to use the FAS/DPD test kit and use that as my daily tester? Please confirm? Because I have a SWG it looks like maybe I could use the K-1001 as my daily tester but with CYA range needed of 70-90 (currently 70) I would need to maintain FC min 5 with preferred range 8-10 and the test only goes to 5?
Bather Load
How do I calculate this and do I even need to calculate as long as FC/CYA ratios are ok? On a weekly basis my 24 lb hypo dog and 2 adults swim every few days. On weekends we have maybe 4 adults, 1 dog, a 3yrs old (potty trained) and two 9mos old in the pool for maybe 2 hours. How much is a 'bather load' per say that I need to compensate for?

Thank you and Thank you for anything!
P.S. I have another question for SWG using ORP set point vs. dosing (Pentair IntelliChem where should I post that question?

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Many TFP members use their FAS-DPD exclusively and that's fine. But there are a large amount who also use the K-1000 comparator viewing block because their FC level is somewhere in that yellow range. Some have even trained themselves to know when it goes from yellow, to orange, or even brown so that they don't have to use the powder & drops all the time. Personal preference really. I usually just use the FAS-DPD myself.

As for the bather load, I wouldn't try to get that specific. Maintain the proper FC level and that's most of the battle. Before and/or after a swim party, you can add a little chlorine to increase the FC by 2-3 ppm just as a little insurance for the additional bathers, but that's about it.

You might post your SWG/ORP question in the SWG forum. We can always move it later if needed.



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May 20, 2020
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I have found that the K-1000 is primary for pH testing. The only other time I use it to test chlorine for tap water i.e. something I know that will be most likely 5 ppm or less.
The preferred test for FC is always the FAS/DPD. They also encourage new users to get the XL option which is additional reagent and powder for FC testing as this is used the most.
If you go on the Taylor Technologies website, there are several different comparators for low range FC, high range FC, with pH or with CYA testing - search 9056, 9057, 9058. The model 9058 is in the K-2006 test kit for pH and CYA. Therefore indicating that you should always use FAS/DPD for FC testing.

The best way to gauge bather load is to test before your party and then test afterwards. Obviously having the people in at night vs. during the daylight will alter the readings due to UV burnoff but at least that gets you to some estimate of what you could expect based on your pool volume, etc.
Jul 21, 2020
Kansas city
Thank you! SO dissappointed that I had FAS/DPD test this whole time o_O but didn't know enough to use it daily! I had all my chems dialed in (or so I thought) up until last week and the pool was TFP clean/clear and beautiful since we opened in May (I was doing the (FAS/DPD test 2x a week at first). So grateful for you guys...last year being a new pool owner I was regretting my decision but after I found you guys things got easier!
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