JVA actuator SPA operation


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Jun 30, 2010
Hi, apologies if my terminology is off, or if I do not provide all the information that would be needed, I am new to the pool thing..
I have recently purchased a house with Jandy system installed. Everything works fine in Pool Mode. However if I turn on SPA mode both actuators JVA 2444 (intake and out) move all the way (intake correctly to take only from SPA) and return to fully open both SPA and POOL. Going back to Pool mode returns RETURN Actuator to 3/4 SPA and FULL Pool Good and both open on intake.
Looking at the manual I have a standard installation 1 for return where A is from filter B is to SPA and C is to POOL.
What I want to happen of course is that in SPA mode actuator closes POOL return (C). Is the only way to achieve this is to adjust Cams? If that is the case why does the manual suggest that no adjustments are necessary if standard installation is employed?

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Sep 5, 2008
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That does sound like the actuator is out of adjustment. Someone may have tried to adjust it so when in pool mode, a portion of the water would go to the spa, and inadvertently messed up the spa side cam. Some older pools with a spa didn't get a spa by-pass plumbed into them. So if you got automation, you would need to adjust the cam so the pool mode would let a little water past and go to the spa.

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