just tested neighbors fiberglass pool with the k-2006


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Jul 19, 2010
Neighbor has been using test strips and its been testing OK but he has been using a ton of tri chlor tabs. Turns out they were bad. I got a fc level of 19 but cya level of I am guessing 150 plus. My test strips also showed hings exteemely high So I told him he needs to drain and refill. This is 4 years without emptying. He said that he has to brace it though when its empty or the sides may cave in. Can we lower it 1/3 a few times a refill and get the cya down? Pool is 12k gallons. Any help for him would be appreciated.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Yes, draining 1/3 at a time or even 1/4 is a VERY good idea for exactly the reasons he stated.

The best offer of help you could give him is to tell him to come onto TFP and learn how he got into trouble and how to avoid it on his own.