Just Starting Up after re plaster w small pebble finish


Aug 29, 2019
Southern California
The are the domestic water I readings i have taken just if anyone will see any future problems.
Pool should be filled by Friday evening.
Pool Plaster with small pebble finish.
23,000 gallons of city supply water.
Outside air temp 94 to 100. water temp 76
pH= 7.8
CC= 1.0
TC= 3.5
CYA= didn't get any results
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Much of what happens next depends on your builder and how they are performing the "start-up" process. You can get an idea of the process by referring to our TFP Start-up New Plaster - Trouble Free Pool page, but remember your builder may have slightly different processes. You'll want to work closely with them to maintain any plaster warranty.

Some things to keep in mind (remember builders don't always know chemistry very well):
- Avoid algae! A small amount of chlorine (aka regular bleach) should be added on day 1 of fill; about 2-3 ppm of FC
- Some stabilizer/condition should be added after about 3 days; some builders add it right away; watch to see how much was added
- After the stabilizer has been added, balance the FC as noted on the FC/CYA Chart
- Your water temp, CH, pH, and TA combine to give you a "CSI" number. See PoolMath. Enter all of your test results. You want that number to be slightly positive for the first month or so to promote good curing. After that, you can keep the CSI slightly negative to prevent scale.

Hope that helps.