Just set up new agp and have a question


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Jul 30, 2020
Bestway 22’ x 12’ rectangle pool. 48” deep.
  1. installed over existing cement pavers in my back yard. My pavers are sloped to allow for rainwater drainage. put down a tarp beneath the pool.
  2. filled up I am seeing almost 2” slope from front to back. Side to side is almost an 1”.
  3. the upper rail is fairly straight. All the legs are pretty straight. The “U” shaped rails are all extended out.
  4. Plan on leaving this up all year. Two boys age 7 and 8 one girl 3 yrs old. Of course mom and dad will join in the fun
  5. million dollar question is should I drain and relevel? Safety and longevity of pool are my main concern.
  6. If I do need to level it up a bit. What should I used beneath the pool. Is foam underlyment the best option? I looked at the foam underlaymemt I out under my artificial turf an I calculated around 500$ cost to put 3/4” on one side and 2.5” on the other.
  7. Attached are some pics47CAA574-4C06-4C62-85BC-6766AE0D7B02.jpeg3F4F81EC-2B6E-4DBC-937D-16FE0CE389F5.jpeg38216C97-738A-44B4-B246-9C3CF9378F9B.jpeg0522685E-A714-4533-8FB2-0EC3EC009D4A.jpeg411499A3-8718-4393-AE83-966A50BC4591.jpeg