Just ordered Boric Acid and had a few questions


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Aug 4, 2009
Your help would be great!

1) I ordered 3 25lb buckets of this stuff. Is this the right product?
Boric Acid, 25 lb - FREE SHIPPING
• 100% Pure Tech Grade
• Granular Form
• Free Shipping via Priority Mail large Flat Rate Box

2) They have a food grade boric acid. I did not order that one. What is the difference?
3) My pool doesn't have a true deep end. It goes from 3.5ft to 5.5ft to 4ft and is 40 feet long. How do you recommend I add the boric acid?



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Nov 18, 2009
Sacramento, CA
Yup, that's the right stuff.

Tech grade is fine...you don't need the food grade (don't plan on eating it do you?).

Just dump it in and brush it until it's gone.


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Aug 4, 2009
Sorry. That was a question about whether it will affect colored plaster.
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