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May 14, 2019
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I just setup my 22’ Intex UF pool w/ 1/3 HP pump/sand filter. Water is mostly clear with a slight tinge of green, noting it came out of the faucet a much more obvious shade of clear though still completely clear. I have filtered/shocked most of the green out I think. I did get chemicals (algaecide/shock (hypocal)/CYA/pucks) at pool store to get my levels where they are at. I have NOT added any chemicals since I opened the pool a full week ago, except the pucks/CYA that have been under the cover floating). I purchased a solar blanket and have had it on constantly for two days now to raise the temp of the water, with pump running and checking basic levels with the cheap (only) kit I could get my hands on. My Leslie’s FAS-DPD kit came yesterday and below are my current readings using FAS-DPD. Is there anything I should be doing with it? My sock with CYA is nearly empty (been floating tied around my puck floater), maybe half a cup left in it and the black dot never disappeared once tube was filled. So just add CYA and I’m good?

Free chlorine 6
Cc 0
Ph 7.4
Alk 70-80 (80 if counting last drop)
Cya dot not disappearing (0?)

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Welcome to the forum! :wave: Your CYA level is important. Please refer to the following two CYA notes to see if that helps. It's going to be important that your CYA eventually make it to at least 30 ppm.

Adding CYA:
To increase CYA via granular stabilizer, place the required amount as calculated by the Poolmath calculator into a white sock and place in the poolside skimmer basket. For those concerned about suction flow to the pump, suspending the sock near a return jet or from a floating device will also suffice. Best never to allow undissolved granules to rest directly against the pool surface. Squeeze the sock periodically to help it dissipate. Once dissolved, consider your CYA adjusted to that programmed (target) level. CYA test readings should show a rise in 24-48 hours, however some pools may experience a longer delay to fully register. Best to confirm final CYA in about 5-7 days before adding any more stabilizer/conditioner.
CYA Testing:
Proper lighting is critical for the CYA test, so you want to test for CYA outside on a bright sunny day. Use the mixing bottle to gently mix the required amounts of pool water and R-0013 reagent, let sit for 30 seconds, then gently mix again. Recommend standing outside with your back to the sun and the view tube in the shade of your body at waist level. Then, begin squirting the mixed solution into the skinny tube. Watch the black dot until it completely disappears. Once it disappears, record the CYA reading. To help the eyes and prevent staring at the dot, some people find it better to pour & view in stages. Pour some solution into the viewing tube, look away, then look back again for the dot. Repeat as necessary until you feel the dot is gone. After the first CYA test, you can pour the mixed solution from the skinny view tube back to the mixing bottle, gently shake, and do the same test a second, third, or fourth time to instill consistency in your technique, become more comfortable with the testing, and validate your own CYA reading. Finally, if you still doubt your own reading, have a friend do the test with you and compare results.
Next you'll need to determine if the green you are seeing is from algae or something else in your local water like iron. Your sig shows city water, but occasionally some city sources have high levels of iron. Do you ever see that in your laundry, toilets, or anything else? If not, iron may not be an issue. If algae, then you'll need to perform a TFP SLAM Process maintaining the proper FC SLAM level until you pass all 3 criteria. If you read the SLAM Process page it should all make sense. Remember to use regular bleach (nothing splashless or scented) ans stay away from Clorox brand. Also refrain from adding anymore of those products you did before like algaecides. They can only compicate things later. Bleach is your pool's best food.

Give all of that a review and let us know if you have any other questions.