Just opened pool can't see the bottom

We just opened our pool today and haven't put any chemicals in there yet but pool is green can't see the bottom of the pool. We been vacuuming but don't seem to be getting anywhere.... do we try to just keep vacuuming then put chemicals in. We have a above ground round pool about 4-4 1/2 feet
Deep.not sure where to go from here


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Apr 3, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
As Slinky mentioned, first steps first. Test kit, you need a TF-100 or a Taylor K-2006 (either one will do, the TF-100 is the recommended kit by this forum). This is the most important thing right now. With this you can accurately test your pool levels and the forum can help you turn that pool into the sparkling puddle of joy it was intended to be.

While you are waiting, do what Slinky said and start getting the bottom cleaned up of debris and muck as much as possible. Sediment is your enemy in the SLAM process, which is what you'll need to do. Powdered shock and algecide aren't really used around here. All you'll need for certain is a source of liquid chlorine (bleach is viable). You may possibly need CYA but wait on the test kit results before worrying about acquiring that.

Go read everything you possibly can in Pool School and learn the philosophy of this forum and what it takes to have a "trouble free pool". It works, truly. My personal pool thread (linked in signature) is a testament to the process. Go read through other threads in this forum and you'll see the same in countless instances. Do the reading, share your results, and let us help you through the process. Be sure to read up on the SLAM process.