Just Installed a V-Green 165 Variable Speed Pump!


Jun 22, 2018
Sacramento, CA
A few days ago I replaced an old Hayward Super II Pump (Single Speed) with this new V-Green 165 (ECM16CU). I found an online pool store that sold it for $369. The install was pretty easy and I had it up and running within an hour. I've set it up with the following filtering schedule:

2 hours at 3100 RPM
2 hours at 2100 RPM
6 hours at 1100 RPM

I may adjust the schedule to increase/decrease the times and RPMs but for now this seems to be working well. This pump is significantly quieter, especially in the lower RPM ranges. I have it setup on my intermatic timers since I also have a booster pump for my Polaris 280.

Anyone else here have this pump and what are your thoughts?
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