Just got some new test strips for AGP/confused


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Jul 31, 2007
every thing fine apart from "Total Hardness" not sure what this means its coming in at about 1000, according to the instructions this is very high.

What does this mean? last test strips didnt have this on it. What do I need todo? Something to worry about?

I do live near a chalk pit in England, so used to hard water, is this what it is?

Water is clear and looks healthy.


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May 7, 2007
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Total hardness (TH) is the sum of calcium hardness and magnesium hardness. Mostly around here we talk about calcium hardness (CH), which is typically about two thirds of TH, though that varies.

Very high TH levels can result in calcium/magnesium scaling. This rarely troubles vinyl pools be it can cause problems for heaters, SWGs, and occasionally pumps. You can avoid problems by keeping your PH under control at all times and keeping TA on the low side of normal.