Just got my TF100 kit, here are my results...

Jun 24, 2008
Buffalo, NY

FC = 3.5
CC = .5
TC = 4.0
pH = 7.2
T/A = 70
CH = 190
CYA = 36 (In between 30 and 40 marker)

So, what do you pros think? I just opened my pool last Friday and it was very green. Leslie's said to add 6lb of Power Powder Plus calcium hypochlorite shock. It cleared up by Sunday. I've been running the filter 8 hours per night ever since.

All that I have is an hth Tri-Chlor puck in the skimmer. Should I stick with the pucks? I wouldn't mind trying out BBB. From reading about it here, it sounds great.

Currently the water is a TAD cloudy. I can see the bottom just fine, but I can tell it could be clearer. Maybe that has to do with the fact I haven't vacuumed it yet? (Broken hose...need a new one. :( )

Thanks for your input!


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Apr 17, 2007
Your #'s look good to me! 8)

Go get a new hose and some BBB! :goodjob:

Once you add bleach, your pH will want to come up. Just keep an eye on it and your CL level. I'd stop using the pucks too. Your CYA is in the normal range. You don't want it to go up too much more.

Good Luck! 8)


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida

Your numbers are good. Leave everything alone but don't let your FC slip any lower.

You could use the pucks 'til your CYA got around 50 if you like but then you'll have to switch to bleach or you'll over-stabilize.

Bleach or chlorine will not increase your pH.