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Apr 10, 2017
Middleville Michigan
Ok, so I finally entered enough water to start the system up. Pool is super green as you can see below.I have it filtering now and have been scooping leaves and such out for days. Also this pool sat all last year, we purchased in late august 2016. Well I took my first reading with the Taylor kit today. Here they are.

FC- .5? Didn't seem like anything registered
Ph- seemed to be above 8. Took 10 drops of acid demand to bring it to 7.2.
TA- 110
CH- 100 turned kind of purplish blue
CYA- filled up to 30 and could still see the dot. I held it at my waist with the sun at my back.

What should be the first thing I do? I did dump a jug of older 10% chlorine that the previous owners had laying around in after this test. I do have some chlorine on hand for the impending SLAM. I have purchased 24 gallons of the walmart 10% and just yesterday I picked up 32 gallons of the menards BOGO 12.5%. Thanks to this site I did check dare codes and all is from this year. I do have a gallon of muriatic acid from home depot I recently picked up also. My question is where to start. I did read up on all the great info on this site and have to pool calculator ready to go. I also anticipate going through a lot of testing reagents so I also ordered a taylor refill kit from the store on this site.
I'm guessing I need to get that ph down first? Should I leave this pump going tonight? I probably one be able to start slamming during the week as I have to work and won't be able to watch it closely.



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Apr 2, 2012
Columbia SC
HI there :)

You sound like you've been doing your reading and have a handle on where to start. Yes on PH. You'll want to bring that down to about 7.2 before proceeding to SLAM FC. Since you likely have no CYA, I'd add enough to bring it to 30. Shock level FC for 30 CYA is 12ppm on the chlorine. So your goal will be to keep it above 12 until you pass the 3 tests. Once proceeding to the higher FC, you don't need to worry about TA and PH testing until you bring the FC back down.

I don't see a need to keep your pump running until you start making chemical additions. Once you start SLAM you should keep it running 24/7.

Post questions when you have the :)


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Jul 10, 2012
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Aimee, has you off to a good start! Get that PH down to 7.2 and start working on getting the CYA to 30. These two things can be done at the same time. Put the CYA in a sock in front of your return and squeeze it every once in a while to help it along.

You can start your SLAM tonight once you get the PH down! It can be done during a work week. Here is a work day SLAM schedule:
FC up to SLAM level before you go to bed tonight
-after your first up of coffee -test and dose your FC
-once you get home from work and change your clothes-test and dose
-after dinner-test and dose
-before bed-test and dose

You will have slower progress but it will at least get started so when you can hit it hard and heavy it will go faster.