Just getting started in Minneapolis

Started with a small 12 ft Intex over last couple of years to get my feet wet so to say in pool ownership/maint. This year made the move up to 16x32 AGP. Currently working through details for base and leveling (we have a 5 inch difference to resolve), method lay 2 inch foam, how much sand needed, what type of foot pad to use (current plan) whether to use natural gas heater or heat pump (current plan is Hayward 140k heat pump) and if i should change out Intex filter and pump right off the bat......

Have been trolling the boards here and have found a ton of great information!

Looking forward to getting everything built, fired up and stabilized so the wife and 4 kids can enjoy for the season.


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Apr 17, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. I would seriously consider digging down to resolve your 5 inch issue on that sized pool if your warranty permits.