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Jun 22, 2012
Just finishing the construction of our first pool! Love the forum and all the info, but Dave encouraged me to post my first water test results here to see what folks would suggest. Water has been in the pool for several weeks during construction. Pump has been running about a week and we just got the salt level to roughly 3400ppm so the SWG has been operating for about 18 hrs at 20% (didn't know where to set it yet). Water looks pretty good.

Here are the test results:
CYA - 35-40
CL (via drop test) - 2
PH (via drop test) - 8.2
FC - 2
CC - 0.5
TA - 150 (water turned red at 130 and 140, was really a light pink.. definitive red at 150)

The only chemicals in the pool are the salt, 18# of PH stabilizer that our pool installer told us to add (the bucket says NOTHING about what is in it), and a couple bottles of bleach added Wed and Thursday evening this week.

Certainly looking forward to feedback


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May 7, 2007
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You don't ever want the PH going above 8.0, and preferably 7.8. Bring your PH down to around 7.2 with acid.

Your FC level is a little low. With CYA at 40 you want FC between 3 and 7, and never below 3.

You only want TA that high if you are using trichlor tablets for chlorine. If using any other form of chlorine that is too high.
Jun 22, 2012
Thanks. Heading to the Pool Calc to get the quantities. I have yet to add any CYA. Should I bump this up too?

Also, Dave mentioned possibly shocking the pool since its new. Any thoughts on this and if so, how should it be done?


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May 20, 2012
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Must have been some CYA in your ph stabilizer. If you havent added any, and havent been using pucks for a while I cant imagine your CYA is 35-40. Id run that test again before adding any if you do decide to. It shouldnt be there if you didnt add it is what Im saying. jasonlion is good with this stuff, he may be reading something Im not.