Just filled the pool What do I buy now to get my levels right?

Sep 25, 2016
We just filled our pool after installing a new liner. I bought the Taylor testing kit and tested the water today. This is what I have for my readings.

200 ppm alkalinity
PH- 7.6
CYA- black dot didn't disappear

What do I need to buy now to get my levels where they need to be? I have an above ground 29000 gallon above ground pool. No saltwater. My pool is 33 ft round and 54 inches deep. I don't know anything about the levels so I don't know if the alkalinity and the Ph are right or not. I know the CUA and chlorine isn't right.

I did put three chlorine tablets into my skimmer basket today to get some chlorine in there while we were running the pump.
I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!!

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