Just discovered your great site with much helpful info about


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Oct 16, 2010
Just discovered your great site with much helpful info about AG pools. We have owned a few AGs since 1995 so we are not exactly novices. Our first AG was a resin type hard walled 21' dia. that was included in the sale of our last house in 1997. After we relocated, due to other priorities, it was a couple of years of "pool less" summers until late spring 2001 when we decided to try one of the latest Intex inflatable top ring AG pools. It was an 18' dia. and even though we would just drain it, leaving approx. 5-6" of water and reduce the air pressure in the ring it lasted until the end of summer 2007! I must add that the pool's location was carefully prepared and leveled with absolutely no grass, weeds or stones under the 2" compacted mason's sand base. If it wasn't for the neighbourhood cats finally doing in the top ring we would probably still be using it. We finally surmised that the reason it lasted as long as it did was due to the fact that Mr.Muggs our Old English Sheepdog was still with us at the time (very territorial-no cats) and we were careful maintaining /using it and the proper winter storage of the big Intex 52 series pump (B Type cartridge)which, BTW, we still have as a spare and works great after 9 years !! We finally replaced that one late spring 2008 with another Intex Inflatable ring AG 18' that lasted til the end of summer 2009 (cats again : ( This spring we opted for a Costco Summer Escapes 19' dia. metal frame pool and it served us well this past summer. We have decided to leave it up with approx. 6" of water remaining containing an algaecide and store the skimmer/pump/hose indoors this winter. I have taken the liberty of coating all the metal frame with WD-40 protectant to prevent rust. We will see how it holds up over this winter at least we don't have to worry about an inflatable top ring any more. Thanks and Cheers. Bearsgang ; )


Nov 7, 2010
I wish I'd known about this place ten years ago when I bought my first house with an in-ground pool! Since then I've owned two more houses with in-ground pools, and while I managed to take care of them, if I'd been armed with the information here, I would've saved myself a lot of trouble.!

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