Just converted to saltwater


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Jun 22, 2015
St. Francisville
Got sick of lugging bleach and the escalating prices (or lowering effective rates). So making the switch. Any useful advice? I had one once before and it was so easy to take care of however it was much smaller. I have a 35k gallon pool in coastal Louisiana that gets a healthy dose of sunlight. I'm debating adding polyquat for the winter and then adding the salt in the spring.


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Jun 16, 2019
Circupool comes highly recommended here and very few people seek out TFP without problems. Even if it was only 100 failures, we’d have 75 people not recommending them.

It’s good timing too because you can get back into the SWG swing during the easier months. You’ll know your system well and how it responds before the April showers, heat and humidity return.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Before you rev up that new SWG, get yourself the Taylor K-1766 Salt Test Kit ( www.tftestkits.net) as you're going to need to know how much salt your pool water contains already before adding more salt. Yes, you *do* have a good baseline salt reading just from using liquid chlorine and almost all other pool chemicals. Many folks find their pools about half way to their necessary salt level, and if they fail to test it first they've overdosed their pool on salt.
When its time to start, and after your added salt is all dissolved for at least a day before turning on the device, have your FC at your desired level. Then when you turn the SWG on it will work to *maintain* that FC level for you.

Happy days ahead with that Circupool! :)

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Oct 25, 2015

I switched to swg (Circupool RJ 30+) earlier this year. No more jugs, wife loves the feel of the water. Makes chemical balance just boring! I added borates so MA additions are much less frequent now as well.

Good luck!